Turbo charger wrench 4561-12

  • One-sided box-end wrench for operating the fitting
  • Problem: Very special screw connection that is not within reach of normal tools. Solution: This special curved box-end wrench allows the operation of the lower screw connection of particulate filters on turbo chargers
  • For: AUDI A4 (B5 ∙ B6 ∙ B7 ∙ B8) ∙ A6 (C5 ∙ C6 ∙ C8)
    VW Passat (3B ∙ 3BG ∙ B6) with 1.9 l and 2.0 l pump injector engine and particulate filter
  • Also for holding the screw connections at the y-pipe on VW/AUDI Ä 12 mm
  • Surface: chrome-plated
  • Made in Germany
  • Output: Outside 12-point profile
  • Wrench size: 12 mm
  • Dimensions / length: 165 mm
  • Net weight: 0.05 kg

Article No 4561-12

Clamping Range Round Max 590 mm x 345 mm x 950 mm

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