Bolt Grade And Its Features

By Usha Fastners   In Fastners   On 09-Apr-2021

Industrial bolts are actually manufactured with the help of differently graded materials. We are one of the leading Hex Bolt Manufacturers In Delhi - Swarna Fasteners.

What Is Bolt Grading?

Bolts are graded according to the tensile strength and the mechanical stress they support. In terms of numbers, the higher number of grade suggests more strength.



Different Bolt Grades And Their Features:

  • Grade 2: This kind of bolt is manufactured from low or medium carbon steel, and thus has the minimum tensile strength.
  • Grade 5:  Slightly moving upwards in the grading scale, there is another bolt type that is made using medium carbon steel where the alloy is tempered and quenched. They have a better holding strength as compared to Grade 2 Bolts.
  • Grade 8:  Manufactured from carbon alloy steels, Grade 8 bolts supports extra heavy loads and is designed to handle larger loads.
  • Grade S: The fasteners made with Grade S are able to sustain the highest amount of pressures and are highly durable. In the great number of applications which require high-load, the use of Grade S Bolts is made.