Shear Connectors/ Shear Studs with Ceramic Ferrules

Grade : Shear connectors with Ceramic ferrules to suit the shear connectors are supplied. Depending upon the application, Bare Metal or Through Deck Ceramic Ferrules are supplied.

Size Range Shank diameter 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm are most commonly used worldwide, with varying lengths.

IOS ISO 13918


Mechanical properties & other requirements of studs shall confirm to the requirements of Type-B studs specified in AWS Dl.1/D1.lM or equivalent. Studs for welding with ceramic ferrules are provided with an aluminum tip as required by the welding process to facilitate the ignition of the arc, to stabilize the arc and to deoxidize the welding pool


Shear Stud Connector Shall be manufactured from cold drawn Wire Rods confirming the requirements of ASTM A 29 of grade designation SAE 1010 through SAE 1020 or equivalent, inclusive either semi-killed or killed (aluminium or silicon deoxidation).

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